Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Much Music VJ Search (Episode 9)

Why wasn't the VJ Search on TV tonight? All I saw was an infomercial for Christopher Ward's latest protégé / Avril rip-off. The chorus of the song gets played 50 times during each VJ Search episode, so forgive me for being sick of it and not having the least interest in watching the video. Erik was reduced to gophering throughout this entire circus, while Sean did nothing as usual (except act "fabulous" -- even the judges can't be bothered to invent praise for him at this point) and Nikki continued to look smoking hot while peering over the video director's shoulder and pretending to have a say in what was going on. Nikki *has* improved though -- remember the first couple of weeks, when she was repeatedly chastised for being the most boring finalist?

Fast forward to the ending, which would have been tense and/or shocking if it hadn't already been announced during last week's show. Erik, Sean, and Nikki's reactions were certainly understated and underwhelming as well. Let the competition begin anew.

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