Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Much Music VJ Search (Episode 7)

Fairly boring show this week, as the cast flew to Edmonton yet again, this time to pretend that Theory of a Deadman don't suck. It's bad enough that they have the worst band name ever -- what I didn't know until tonight was that they approached Chad Kroeger at a party, handed him their demo tape, and got signed to his label on account of it. Erik was right when he said that it takes a lot of balls to do that. And thus, Kroeger's plan to populate the music world with Nickelback clones reached a new level.

The villain role is now solely on Erik's shoulders. He dominated the show, personality-wise and work-wise, yet again. Sean did jack shit, yet again. Frank was Frank, yet again, and with that, his run is over. The girls were pretty faces and not much else. Yet again. Tim did a solid job all while keeping his mouth shut, yet again, and is looking like the obvious winner from where I sit. He's competent, gets along with everybody, looks the part, and nobody working for Much right now brings the same qualities to the table. Erik's villain role might make for good reality TV, but in real life, nobody would want to work with someone so difficult and Much viewers aren't going to tune in every day to watch somebody they hate.

But the week truly belonged to Kardi, who was on fire throughout the judging portion. From ripping on Frank for his duplicity to calling out Sean for his utter uselessness (they finally noticed!), Kardi was the man tonight.

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jordan_wildpirate said...

Hey Barry,

I don't know if you're interested, but I came up with the "twist" that was hyped for episode 8 of the VJ Search:


Lemme know what you think, 'cus you're one of the very few other people out there who actively blog this.

- Jordan