Monday, March 13, 2006

Audion (live), with Mario J, Terence Kissner, Nitin @ Footwork

This one couldn't miss. Even a boneheaded Toronto crowd could understand this one. Funky, slimy, sexy, greasty electro-techno with titles like "Your Place Or Mine" and "Titty Fuck"? Dance, motherfucker.

Yet I still received a scare when I walked into Footwork this past Saturday around midnight and found a nearly pack club with nobody dancing in it. Maybe it was still too early for that, or maybe they didn't feel like dancing to the sound of Montreal 2003, I don't know (on this basis, I will assume that the DJ was Terence Kissner). But the next DJ (not sure which, but he would make a great Richard Ashcroft impersonator) easily won over the crowd with a wickedly fun electro-techno set -- the perfect warmup for the headliner. Starting with the tighter, more minimal sound of his "Leave Luck To Heaven" album and gradually building toward the tougher grooves of "Suckfish", Matthew Dear kept a diverse group of fans sweaty and entertained for nearly two hours. With that, I got exactly what I came for -- a solid night of techno from one of the continent's top talents in the company of an appreciative and dance-crazed group of strangers. In Toronto! Sick!

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