Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Much Music VJ Search (Episode 10)

This was more or less a filler episode -- they knew everyone would watch to see who the fourth finalist would be (was there any doubt? No, but you still gotta watch to be absolutely sure) and filled up the remaining time with fluffy interviews and trivia contests.

OK, there was a bit more to it than that. Doing a show in front of a live audience was a naturalization procedure, allowing us to judge the VJ's in their natural habitat. As expected, Sean looked very comfortable, Nikki looked very hot, Tim excelled in the role of a laid back rocker dude, and Erik looked like somebody's older brother trying desperately to fit in. I still believe he's the smartest and most competent finalist, but if you look like an outsider in the Much environment surrounded by two hundred teens then you're not suited for the job, sorry.

The judges' fascination with Sean over the past two weeks continues to baffle me. Only Kardi, who endorsed Nikki, has been rubbing all his brain cells together each and every week. Robin is back on my shitlist for hyping the ever-useless Sean, and Traci is letting her wet panties do the thinking for her yet again, as she abandons the sinking ship SS Erik in favour of Tim, the long-standing fave of horny young girls across Canada.

As for my pick, I've been predicting Tim for weeks and I'm sticking with my horse, although I'd much rather see Nikki on my TV if given my choice (then again, I am male, and as she pointed out, she is the only female left in the competition).

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