Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Much Music VJ Search (Episode 6)

This was the first night that they looked like real VJ's -- between the interviews, backstage segments, and silly demeanor, I felt as though I was watching an actual MM show.

Rebecca is gone shockah! Her elimination means two things:

1) Frank = ratings. They couldn't allow Larissa to hang around for a few extra weeks to play the villain role because she was embarassingly untalented and unmotivated. Frank showed his inconsistency and occasional lack of focus yet again, but he's still a cool guy who is very watchable as a TV character and as a potential VJ (in his better moments).

2) It's a guy's competition to lose. All the judges had touted Rebecca as a favourite up until now. Originally she was looking like the girl with the most edge, but once she was forced to develop a bit more poise she was overtaken by the more coquettish Nikki and Casey Jo. Frank has had three strikes against him (three straight weeks in the bottom three) and he's still in. However, one strike and Nikki's out. Tim, Sean, and Erik are becoming untouchable -- none of them have received much serious criticism and haven't been remotely close to elimination. Unless Nikki or Casey Jo can show that they're more than two pieces of hot ass then say hello to your next male VJ.

Sean is flying under the radar ... he's clearly weaker than Tim and Erik, who have handled every task handed to them with a minimum of heartache, whereas Sean has done very little other than complain and gossip (playing the token gay role that has seemingly been handed to him). How long until the judges wake up and realise that he's coasting along with 95% style and 5% substance?

Loser loft: what's the point?

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