Friday, June 04, 2010

MUTEK 2010, Day Two

Matmos Q&A

Q&A with Matmos, interviewed by Wire's Derek Walmsley. Funny guys! (yes, it goes without saying)

King Midas Sound Q&A

A revealing and very personal Q&A with King Midas Sound.

Sebastian Cliche

Perhaps I'm the only one who was reminded of Coin Gutter's set from MUTEK 2003. Dark ambient music constantly bristling with almost unbearable tension -- the world premiere of Sebastian Cliche's "Restless Inertia".


Aun present their piece entitled "Black Pyramid". Another world premiere. A riveting performance that combined shoegazer noise and blistering, heavy drones. People slowly filed out during their performance. Being hungry is not an excuse for leaving early!

Freda Abtan

A/Visions 2 felt like a series of video installations set to music, not the other way around. The videos were nearly too good. Freida Abtan's exquisitely lush videos were really something else.

The Caretaker

The Caretaker presented a slide show of his drink and debauchery exploits in Berlin while drinking a bottle of whisky and doing very little else.

Nurse With Wound

Blood and gore dripping from the walls and ceilings, human beings burned alive in their beds and living rooms, yes, it's Nurse With Wound, and they were everything I could have hoped for.


Nathan Jonson AKA Hrdvision strikes one of his many poses on the night.

Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins, photographed from the upper deck at Metropolis as I relaxed with a much needed beer. His brand of robo-funk was delivered using a quite the physically demanding rig.

Mouse on Mars

Mouse on Mars got the crowd hot, but not "headlining at Metropolis" hot. IMO, they were out-dueled at their game by Jon Hopkins.

Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake, our prog/noise techno saviour.

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