Saturday, June 05, 2010

MUTEK 2010, Day Three

Panel Discussion 3

Pimmon, CM von Hausswolff, Tim Hecker, and Ben Frost discuss "The Physicality of Sound". This was a fantastic panel discussion, one of the best I've ever seen over the years at MUTEK.

The Square Root of Evil

The cheekily-named The Square Root of Evil played industrial-rave over bizarre video projections featuring cats and raining sushi. How this was supposed to connect to the music, I have no idea. Fun but forgettable.

Thierry Gaultier

Thierry Gaultier opens the A/Visions 3 session, the longest and most soothing one yet.

Marsen Jules Trio + VJ Nicolai Konstantinovic

Marsen Jules Trio (with VJ Nicolai Konstantinovic) brought the electroacoustic spirit of Em:t back to life. Or at least that's how it was for me.


The mood of the night change changed abruptly as I dashed out of A/Visions 3 (which ran long) and down the street to Club Soda. One minute you're watching Marsen Jules create drones and feedback by amplifying and processing the resonances of water glasses, the next minute you're brushing past the prostitutes hanging around outside the strip clubs on St. Laurent. I was in a hurry for a good reason -- to catch the final minutes of Orphyx.


Techno packed in the crowds tonight. Actress played second on the bill and the place was already jammed.

Cheap and Deep

I caught the first twenty or so minutes from Cheap and Deep and dashed down the street to SAT for ...

King Midas Sound

On record, King Midas Sound are a bit sleepy. But live ... wait, I thought that Kevin Martin would actually put people to sleep? This was every bit as extreme and intense as anything else he's done in his career.

Jacek Sienkiewicz

Club Soda stays jacked thanks to Jacek Sienkiewicz.


The sweatiest set of the festival thus far belongs to Shed. If you've never heard his music, it's a combination of hard techno beats (much more aggressive than most "minimal") and extremely simple, sometimes even quiet and subtle melodies. OK, that formula might not sound particularly original but the secret to Shed is ... well, there's actually no secret. He just does that style really really really well. Shame about the 3 AM curfew. This entire session really should have taken place at Metropolis, switching places with the MoM/Nathan Fake session.

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