Tuesday, June 08, 2010

MUTEK 2010, Day Five

Piknic Electronic -- Indoor Edition

Sunday's Piknic Electronik was moved indoors to Metropolis because of heavy rain. Which is really too bad, because who wants to party indoors at three in the afternoon? The picture was taken in the nearly empty club just as Dave Aju was replacing Nicolas Jaar.

Dave Aju

Dave Aju's supremely funky set was packed full of positive vibes, punctuated by his own energetic live vocals. If this had been held outside in the sun in front of a crowd of hundreds of people of all ages (like Minologue's set from the previous day), it would have been remembered as one of the highlights of the festival. But in front of fifty people indoors as the same venue that hosted an all-night party twelve hours earlier ... right guy, right style of music, great performance, wrong weather. Nobody's fault, of course, but Aju gave it his all and I salute him for that.

Pepe Braddock

The crowds finally turned up for Pepe Braddock's DJ set. It must be a French thing. This was the only point in the afternoon where it felt as if there was a real party happening in Metropolis' main room.

Chris McNamara presents nospectacle

Chris McNamara presents nospectacle -- ambient house par excellence.

Moritz von Oswald Trio

The first ten minutes were a bit shaky and disjointed, but once Moritz von Oswald Trio found their groove, they were unstoppable.

Brandt Brauer Frick

Brandt Brauer Frick lit a fire under the crowd at SAT. Who are these guys and why don't more electronic music bands use "live" drummers?

Theo Parrish

I was exhausted even at the start of the day and didn't expect to last much past midnight. As it turned out, after five days of techno and experimental weirdness, I couldn't imagine a better finish to the festival than a set of funk, soul, and downtempo house from Theo Parrish.

The End

The end of MUTEK 2010, well after 3 AM on Monday morning.

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