Monday, February 23, 2009

The forgotten gig part II

I said I couldn't believe it could happen even once, but one fine day, I browsing through some of my blog archives, and there it was: "oh f*** me, I saw Torche?!?!?"

What is happening here? Are there other, similar surprises that lay in store for me (I guess I'd be stupid to bet against it)? How can I turn this negative into a positive? OK, here's a nice little distraction to show that plenty of others suffer from acute forgetfulness.

Suede star attacks revival trend. Choice quote: "I'm obsessively opposed to nostalgia. I hate the idea of it. It doesn't work. And it doesn't interest with me at all."

Um, Bernard, you were in SUEDE for three years. The band that would have had little to say if not for a healthy dose of theft from early 1970's Bowie records. Then you tried to go prog. And what would you call The Tears? What about helping to kill the Black Kids' career dead by doing a sloppy production job that was all too similar to the sound of those early Suede records? I suppose Butler's comment makes some sense if you define "nostalgia" as "never playing one's older material", which would be quite the radical redefinition of the word, but regardless, he comes off sounding kind of stupid in this interview.

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