Thursday, January 15, 2009


I always knew that I would eventually buy the same CD twice. It was inevitable, owing to a combination of having much music, no proper documentation for it, and a finite amount of brainpower/long term memory. It's just too bad that the "winning" album had to be such a stinker ("Hard House Unmixed"), which I bought during two bargain hunting sprees a couple of months apart. You see, it can take me months to get through a stack of newly purchased CDs these days -- new stacks start piling up before I finish with the older ones, and I don't always go through them all chronologically, in order of purchase. So I bought this trance-house junk twice before I'd even listened to it once. I has always expected that this would be a fairly devastating moment, but when it finally happened, I brushed it off and didn't really care.

But I absolutely never thought I could forget about a gig. The possibility simply never entered my mind. I'd been listening to Yellow Swans' "At All Ends", thinking about how marvelous it is, realizing that I'd never get to see them play live because they broke up earlier this year ... and for an unrelated reason, I was scanning through some archives on this blog and there it was -- Yellow Swans, opening for Frog Eyes and Xiu Xiu in 2005. That's right, I saw Yellow Swans play live three years ago, and I had to learn about it via my own blog.

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