Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mogwai, Torche @ Phoenix Concert Theatre

It was only a matter of time before Mogwai asked a real metal band to open for them instead of more metal-y versions of themselves (read: Aereogramme, Part Chimp). Torche thrash and bludgeon with songs that ressemble a succession of fake endings -- perfect (I suppose) for people who prefer the seemingly impossible combination of metal epics afflicted with ADD. As for Mogwai, what more can I say?

Either they're getting quieter, or I've gotten deafer. I used to be able to gauge this by watching the crowd and seeing when they cover their ears, but people know what to expect now so that stuff doesn't fly any more. Veterans, all of them. Thankfully, both theories are dismissed thanks to the scorching set closer "We're No Here".

Do any single girls attend Mogwai shows? Back in '99 there were quite a few of these creatures, but they've been slowly disappearing over the years.

Two songs in, they play "Friend of the Night" and that means I won't go home disappointed tonight. Five songs later, "Mogwai Fear Satan" (making an unusual mid-set appearance) reaffirms it.

After Torche lay down the gauntlet, I'm expecting Mogwai to counter by going metal crazy with multiple encores of "Glasgow Mega-Snake" and the like. Instead, they bring out some of their most melodic stuff, from "Acid Food" to "Hunted By a Freak" to "May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door". Eventually, "Summer" shows that the RAWK has been there all along.

Nothing from "Rock Action" tonight. Maybe they really do hate that record.

"Mega-Snake" closes the encore, showing that Mogwai have finally discovered that they can close shows with the shortest song of the evening rather than one of their standard epics. It's their "Song 2"! Uh ...

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