Friday, April 07, 2006

Bellevue, In Support of Living, ____ Project?, Neu+ral Lounge

Unexpected support acts ... name temporarily lost in the bowels of memory ... playing a cross between the white blues from Moby's "Play" and Beef Terminal's layered sampling and overall sense of urban decay. Repetitive but pleasant. Summary: easy life!

Apparently, ISOL alter their sound with the changing seasons, but that's to be expected from such a large, varied collective. No longer a proggier version of Slowdive, they've moved past "Souvlaki" and have latched onto the "In Mind" EP instead, foregoing epic jams for more concise slices of gazetronica. Except they haven't gone all Morr Music on us because most of the beats and melodies are canned (via laptop), freeing up the band members to place layers of semi-improvised drone on top. Summary: just fascination!

Bellevue now have the unfortunate task of playing to a very empty room late on a Thursday night. They're a polished bunch with a few cracking tunes, but it's tough to follow ISOL with fairly ordinary indie rock. Summary: crackdown!

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