Monday, April 30, 2012

Diary of Musical Thoughts Podcast Episode 9

"The production of coherent mixes was restricted by the large physical size of the components" - 85 minutes

This came about because I wanted to make a mix with a some of the music I bought last month in Berlin and a few more tracks from recent 2012 releases.  To make the mix flow properly (or at least, a little better), I dug through some CDs and mp3's for something to fill in the gaps, and slotted in tracks that for the most part I hadn't listened to in years.  

This mix is in many ways the inverse of DoMT Episode 3 (which I temporarily took down to make room for one).  This mix starts with the quieter stuff and builds toward beat-heavy techno, Episode 3 did the opposite.  And where "The Sun in Eclipse ..." was mostly bright and summer-y (even the quieter stuff was gentle and relaxing), "The Production of Coherent Mixes ..." is angry and dark (and even the beatless stuff ranges from unsettling drone ambience to balls-out noise).

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Barry said...

Adrian Klumpes, Unrest (Leaf)
Golden Palominos, No Skin (Aural Circumcision) (Remix by Terre Thaemlitz)(Restless Records)
Micro:mega, Nail (Alice In Wonder)
Petar Dundov, Sculpture 2 (Tomorrow)
Jochem Paap, Mrg-Rvx (Ambient World)
Daniel Menche, Guts Two (Editions Mego)
Iksenit, Wrong Number (Sublime Porte Netlabel)
Pulshar, Nospheratu (Echospace Reduction) (Phonobox)
Micro Mega, Ear (Alice In Wonder)
Len Faki, Kraft und Licht (Ostgut Ton)
Jo Squillo Electrix - Avventurieri (Remix Dance Version) (taken from Ata Live at Robert Johnson Volume 7)
Orbital, Stringy Acid (ACP Recordings)
Ugandan Methods, Beneath the Black Arch (Ancient Methods)
Ugandan Methods, Between a Sleep and a Sleep (Ancient Methods)
Terence Fixmer, Shout (Masterhit Recordings)
Orphx, Nullity (Winterkalte Remix) (Hands Productions)