Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Diary of Musical Thoughts Podcast Episode 3

"The sun in eclipse gathers together more mixes" (93 minutes)

Don't expect to hear the sound of summer 2011 because many of these tracks are at least a couple of years old (and are fairly well known -- there aren't many underappreciated jams that are waiting to be discovered here). I suppose what passes for a "summer mix" in my house is a mix where all the techno tracks come first, rather than buried somewhere in the middle.

The concept for the mix was born out of that simple, somewhat absurd idea ("put the techno first for once"), and from there I recycled a couple of transitions from older, private mixes, added a couple of tracks that I really wanted to work into a mix for whatever reason (Rough Trade, Liquid), successfully IMHO pulled off an audacious transition (Lil B to Explosions in the Sky), and 93 minutes later (longer than I intended, as usual) I ended up with a mix that I've been enjoying the hell out of lately. Hopefully you will too!

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Barry said...


Paul St. Hilaire and Rene Lowe - Faith
Monolake - Plumbicon (Live in Osaka)
Speedy J - Shoegaze (Edit Select Dub)
Jichael Mackson - Flatscreen (Original Mix)
Dominik Eulberg - Bluten Sind dem Grossen Schillerfalter Fremd
Ricardo Villalobos - Ichso
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (Illusion First Mix)
Moderat - Perc II
Liquid - Liquid is Liquid (Journey Into Dub)
Covenant - Dead Stars (Club Version)
Crystal Castles - Not in Love
Rough Trade - Shaking the Foundations
Klinik - Suffer In Silence
Flying Saucer Attack - Jeff Mills Blues
Deadbeat - Plateau Quarter (Hope In Numbers)
Lil B - I'm God
Explosions in the Sky - Last Known Surroundings
Kraftwerk - B1 Kohoutek-Kometenmelodie
Snow and Voices - Disintegration
The Caretaker - Camaraderie at Arms Length
The Caretaker - The Sublime is Disappointingly Elusive