Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sigur Ros, "Inni"

Summer is always a slow season for new releases, which means it's also a slow time for writing. I don't tend to follow new releases news either, I just can't get excited about so-and-so releasing a new album in three months and here we have the track list for you. I start anticipating when the album is about to be released. As in the day before it is released/leaked.

I usually ignore all the "click here for preview of Song X from their new album" too. Except that today, I got an email From Sigur Ros, entitled "Inni". Not "see the new video by Sigur Ros, 'Inni', from their upcoming album". Just "Inni". I clicked on the link and it led to a charcoal grey screen, barren except for the word "INNI" in block white letters. I started the video, and was greeted by a swarm of metallic howling and grainy black and white video images of whirring machinery. After the last Sigur Ros album (and Jonsi's solo album), I thought they were all set to go pop. Silly me.

The grainy footage was interspersed with individual shots of the members of Sigur Ros, frozen on stage over their instruments, surrounded by fog and haze. Sigur Ros, "Metropolis"? Believe it.

Suddenly the music switches to a gentler, instrumental piano melody, more along the lines of what you'd expect from them. The music creeps along but the images churn into motion as the band attack their instruments amidst the maniacally flashing lights. It's hard to figure out what's going on thanks to the rapid camera cuts, but it all ends in what seems to be an explosion of sparks. The audience waves their hands to catch the ashes, or whatever it is that remains of Sigur Ros and their semi-militaristic long coats.

Just like that, it's over, after barely a minute. And yes, I really really want to hear the album now.

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