Monday, March 03, 2008

Jeff Healey

Paradoxically enough considering his constant health problems, I had always assumed that Jeff Healey was indestructible like so many other bluesmen who lived and played to ripe old ages. News of his death came as a big shock to me.

I found myself regretting that I never saw him play, despite living in Toronto for so long and having a million opportunities to do so ... and then I remembered that I did, in fact, see him one time. Although I have fond memories of the one and only Bourbon Tabernacle Choir show that I saw, I had somehow nearly forgotten about Healey's walk-on from a packed audience. He played a couple of songs with the band, and although it was surely (?) pre-planned, it *felt* spontaneous, as if he'd just wandered in off the street and was invited on stage to the delight of a surprised BTC and their audience. Another day, another BTC gig where barely restrained chaos was the norm (*you* try cramming anywhere between six and twelve people, depending on the song and which of the band's friends are in attendance, on stage at the Horseshoe Tavern).

RIP Jeff Healey.

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