Friday, February 22, 2008

Music Update From Vienna

This city is an architectural utopia, albeit an intimidating one with imperial splendor staring you in the face at virtually every street corner in the central downtown area. Unfortunately, Vienna cannot boast the musical pedigree to match, as alas I was disappointed to discover that the likes of Fennesz do not play live sets here every night.

1. The Irish pub near my hotel played bloody Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" almost as soon as I walked in. I am deathly sick of after hearing it roughly ten billion times on all those German handy ads. I can only imagine how Germans and Austrians feel about it -- those ad campaigns are five years old? Memories of Berlin ....

2. I hear Fergie and Christina Aguilera on the radio every morning, at virtually the same hour, almost without fail. See: Memories, Berlin.

3. No time to shop at, e.g. Patrick Pulsinger's Cheap store as of yet. There is a cool-looking shop that I pass on the bus ride into work every day, from the outside it looks like any one of a million classic rock stores in Toronto, complete with 70's style design and mimimalist black sign. That means it's probably not such a cool place after all, but somehow I find it cool to find such a place on the way to Vienna's industrial sector.

4. Laser geeks (like myself) who are also big fans of goth and techno can only be found in German-speaking countries.

5. Tomorrow's plans may include trying to finagle a ticket to the sold-out Cure concert. Plan B includes heading to the very likely not sold-out Earth show instead.

6. Icke Micke has hosted a mind-blowing roster of guests over the past couple of years, but will not be throwing a party while I am in town. Fuckers.

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