Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jesu, "Silver EP"

This is the kind of music that Mogwai should be making these days. This is the sound of Mogwai fleshing out the electronic frazzle of "Sine Wave" and going full-blown Nine Inch Nails. The real Mogwai wanted to rock so they turned up the bass and tried to sound more like Black Sabbath. With the exception of "Star", which is a virtual carbon copy of Mogwai's "Glasgow Mega-Snake"-ish hard rock direction, Jesu opted for industrial shoegaze with clanging pianos. "Dead Eyes" could have introed nearly any track on the latter half of "The Downward Spiral". But Jesu have truly outdone themselves with the title track, setting a new high point for shoegazer metal (or whatever you want to call it). Mogwai strove for this lurching epic feeling with the "Stop Coming To My House", the emotional closing track to "Happy Songs For Happy People". "Silver" sets the bar higher by cranking the guitars up higher and most naturally, doing what they do best by bringing the DOOM!.

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