Thursday, October 13, 2016

Diary of Musical Thoughts Podcast Episode 34

A perfect opportunity to network and connect with old 90's mixes (75 minutes)

As I alluded to in earlier posts, I recently dug out a huge binder of CD's that had been stored away and unheard for years.  Most of it's content are 90's and 00's electronic music compilations, and I've been having the time of my life revisiting this stuff.

Naturally, one thing led to another and I made a mix exclusively from six of these compilations:

Em:t 2000 (Instinct Records)
Pop Ambient 2001 (Kompakt)
Networks.1 An Intellinet Compilation (Studio!K7/Plus 8/Mute)
Montreal Smoked Meat (Force Inc. Music Works)
Detroit: Beyond the Third Wave (Astralwerks)
We Are Reasonable People  (Warp)

Plus there's a Facil track thrown in because why not, it fit.

There's a lot more material where this came from ... this mix might be the first of a series.

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