Friday, February 06, 2015

Diary of Musical Thoughts Podcast Episode 21

"Technological advances in producing the isolated mix have facilitated real time experiments", 104 minutes

It has been a while since the last mix I posted here.  Much like the last mix, I have been sitting on this one for a few months (since August) wondering what exactly to do with it.

At the time I had bought a bunch of discounted CD, decided to take tracks I'd barely heard from those discs, and use them as the basis of a mix.  It was not the first time I'd done this, or the first time I'd made a mix with the intent of revisiting some old music that I hadn't heard in a while.  It's difficult because inevitably you have to give airtime to tracks that don't have much of a place in the flow of the mix.

I was high on the individual tracks I chose for this mix but not on the journey you had to endure in order to hear them all.  This mix got shunted to the side, until now, when I finally decided to do the mastering for it.

It's better than I remembered.  Then again, it's been a while since I've heard most of these tracks.

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