Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Diary of Musical Thoughts Podcast Episode 2

"Realpolitik turns on itself - a mix" (115 minutes)

This was recorded about three weeks ago and the minor editing/sound processing was done in my hotel room in Milan. You know you're a rock star when you're writing/recording on the road, in hotel rooms in exotic locales. (yes, that's sarcasm)

I wanted to do a quieter mix this time around. I imagined music that would evoke feelings of aimless drifting, although I didn't want a mix of straight up ambient drone music. I relied on a bunch of older CDs that I hadn't heard in ages (e.g. Main, John Watermann), these discs were selected in advance and in some cases I pre-selected the candidate tracks as well, although the final track selection and ordering were all done on the fly. I also imagined a much shorter mix than last time, in the 70-75 minute range, but that didn't materialize.

To make for easier d/l'ing, I split the mix into two parts. However, the flow of the mix sort of lends itself to being split into two halves. The first half of the mix (which ends after the Plastikman track) seems to flow better, while I normally struggle to get through the second half without drifting off to sleep. But with a mix like this, I think that's a compliment though, or at least, the expected biochemical reaction of ending a mix with a sequence of very long, very mellow songs, including fifteen minutes by Earth at the finish.

More details appear in the comments section. Enjoy!

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Barry said...

Synapscape - Ammunition
The Young Gods - La Fille de la Mort
Michael Kamen and Orbital - The Forward Decks (from Event Horizon soundtrack)
John Watermann - Third Shutter Project: A Vague Demonstration of Trembling
The Hope Blister - Is Jesus Your Pal?
Final - Confusion
Main -- Track II (from Firmament)
John Watermann - Eighth Shutter Project: Walking The Giant Corpse (Most Of The Actors Already In Quick Lime)
Thomas Brinkmann - Geschlossene Kiste - Initiation Locked Box
No Movement No Sound No Memories - Edit
Plastikman - Mind In Rewind
Main -- Track IV (from Firmament)
Fluxion - Bipolar Defect
Broken Social Scene - Blues for Uncle Bob
Hrvatski - Gemini
Matt Elliott - C.F. Bundy
k.d. lang - The Valley
Sianspheric - Tous Les Soirs
Magnog - Lost Landing
Earth - Plague of Angels

part 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ejfkyh

part 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/trfgja