Friday, November 26, 2010

Grading "Glee" -- Season 02, Episode 08

I thought this was a music-themed show? The music almost felt like afterthought on this episode. The first song appeared after sixteen minutes (without commercials!) and there were only four songs in total -- two Bruno Mars songs, one from a 50's musical, and a song made famous by Dean Martin. That's quite the spread. They did manage to advance a number of different plots ... however, almost all of them involve Kurt in some way, whereas the other 90% of the characters on the show aren't really doing anything right now.

"Ohio". B+. Carol Burnett summed it up best: "well, that wasn't as good as I thought it would be." A Jane Lynch/Carol Burnett duet? How could it not be classic? And yet it fell a bit short, in large part because Jane Lynch can't hold up her end of the singing on a number like this. I mean, what can you do? She's not a singer, and when she's asked to sing she does a perfectly reasonable job. But unless you bring something else to the table (e.g. dancing) it's tough to go above B+ with just a "perfectly reasonable" singer.

"Marry You". B-. You know the "Glee" writers are a bit short on ideas when they start stealing from viral videos on Youtube. This was cute, energetic, and more than a bit too precious.

"Sway". C-. You know the "Glee" writers are a bit short on ideas when they realize that they've written an entire episode and didn't bother to give Mr. Schue anything to do, so they inexplicably cast him performing a sleazy mambo song. I have just realized that there are two kinds of Matthew Morrison performances on "Glee":

1) The ones he performs "for himself", as part of a separate plot line that involves only him. Examples: the Neil Patrick Harris episode, the duet with Jayma Mays on the Rocky Horror episode.

2) The ones when he leeches off the storylines involving the kids. Examples: Britney's "Toxic", this song.

Category 1 performances are almost always good. Category 2 performances are usually not, because he's their teacher and it's a bit creepy.

"Just the Way You Are". B. Once again: cute, energetic and a bit too precious. However, the audio track by itself is quite good -- probably better than the original version!


Sandra said...

I couldn't concentrate on Carol Burnett's singing -- waaaay too distracted by all the plastic surgery.

Bridal party dance -- agree, cute, but knowing they ripped it off the Youtube video took it down a few notches for me.

Just the Way You Are -- cheesy, but I'm a sucker for the Kurt storyline, and him and Finn dancing was painfully adorable!

Barry said...

It *was* adorable ... and it meant nothing because Kurt went right back to being a sulking pathetic loser afterward, turning his back on Finn and all his friends literally the next day.