Saturday, March 06, 2010

Radio Slave, "Fabric 48". Redshape, "mnml ssgx mx48"

If I heard a set like Radio Slave's "Fabric 48" in a club, I'd probably be losing myself in it completely. It's deep, consistently energetic and seamlessly mixed, so what more could you want from this music played on a room-sized soundsystem? At home though, it comes off a bit too same-y and repetitive, stylistically speaking, to stand up to multiple listens. I can't argue with how well it captures the mood that it aims to capture, and I have no trouble saying that despite my usual aversion to anything remotely resembling tribal house/techno.

Redshape's "Twilight Zone in Rabbit Holes" mix for mnml ssgs offers a nice mishmash of styles, even though it isn't as brazenly unpredictable as it wants to be. But any mix that signs off with an awesomely pitched down version of Speedy J's "Patterns (Remix)" is worth the journey in my book.

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