Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Finale -- random liveblogging notes!

-- Adam's "Mad World" II doesn't even remotely touch the greatness he showed the first time. He was constantly on the verge of oversinging, and it lost all the vulnerability that made it so wonderful the last time around.
-- useless twat Matt G with his pouty sad face IN THE AUDIENCE. What's this guy's problem? He's pissed that he's not up on stage?
-- Kris kills it with "Ain't No Sunshine", showing more passion and fire than he has all season long. And good on him for not making the safe choice and going with "Heartless" again (hi dere Kat McPhee you sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" during the finale in Season 5).
-- "A Change Is Gonna Come"? What an AWFUL choice for Adam, who will surely scream the hell out of it in an attempt to inject his version of "soul" into it, and kill any and all of the sentiment that makes the song so great.
-- See, I told you. Maybe Simon Fuller just wanted to expose Adam as a pantomime freak. They spent all those weeks trying to sabotage Kris' chances, so maybe what goes around comes around.
-- Of course the judges love it, but screw them.
-- Another awesome performance for Kris, which again perfectly displays the best of his talent, although I agree with Randy and Simon's comment about the arrangement being not ideal for the setting. This means Adam won't be singing any rock and roll tonight, which is a mistake.
-- This year's schmaltzy Idol winner's single is at least better than the usual crap they serve up. Kris' best argument for choosing to sing last when he won the coin flip is being justified right here, i.e. you definitely don't want the pimp spot going to Adam Lambert singing a Diane Warren-ish OTT power ballad.
-- Kris sounds hesitant from the first note, and doesn't have the big voice to carry this kind of song. He flubs a note in the first chorus and is clearly praying for it all to be over as soon as possible. His biggest trainwreck of the season, easily. Poor guy, and it's not at all his fault.
-- Of course the judges are living in bizarro world. Randy thinks it's more suitable for his voice than for Adam's. If we're only voting based on the talent they showed over the course of the entire season, then why hold the finale? What's the point of singing these songs if they're not meant to count. Or how about this, what's the point of praising a guy all season for "knowing who he is an an artist" and then forcing him to sing a schmaltzy ballad that is exactly the opposite of who he is as an artist?
-- In all, this felt like a completely superfluous show -- we heard the exact same praises we've been hearing all season long, and nothing occurred that will change anybody's mind about their favourite contestant, so GO KRIS GO!

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