Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 11-20 albums of 2008

I had only planned to compile a top ten this year, but Matt from Cave 17 wrote and requested a top twenty for the website's end-of-year list* (he was nice enough to include me even though I'm a lazy bastard and hadn't written for Cave 17 in ages). Since the second half of the list only exists because of Matt, I wrote my commentaries in haiku form (if you don't understand the reasoning, don't worry about it, just enjoy the haikus).

11-20 montage

11. Sigur Ros, "Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust"

Bouncy pop music
Rollicking pianos too
Who would have thunk it?

12. Ladytron, "Velocifero"

Ned Raggett was right
They all go goth in the end
Big layered goth tunes

13. Pyramids, "Pyramids"

Shoegaze and metal
Always made for each other
Pyramids know this

14. The Mole, "As High As the Sky"

Disco disco yes
Disco disco disco yay
Baby you're the one

15. James, "Hey Ma"

Who invited these
Guys to the party this year?
Y'all forgot 'bout James

16. Various, "Depth Perceptions Vol 1" (Pronounce)

Watery dubbed out
Techno goodness won't grow old
As long as I'm here

17. Jamie Lidell, "Jim"

Stereolab went
Halfway Motown this year but
"Jim"'s not hedging bets

18. Torche, "Meanderthal"

If Grohl could rock out
Primordial sludge like this
I'd be more a fan

19. Spiritualized, "Songs In A&E"

Jason's gone folkie
I miss the real J. Spaceman
Drug druggy mainline

20. Growing, "All the Way"

Noisy squiggles latch
Into your skull without end
Really quite pleasant

* dare I say, with more than a hint of bias, that the resulting list is one of the most unique critics lists of the year? Although I'm ashamed to say that the only albums I heard from it were the ones I voted for and that blech-y TVOTR record -- there was plenty of music that I didn't get around to this year, but not yet hearing the Solange and Erykah Badu records despite the recommendations from the Cave 17 guys and their like-minded peeps was fairly inexcusable.

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