Monday, September 04, 2006

Kokhav Nolad Season 4 Finale Anticipation

Admittedly, I haven't watched all (or most) of the episodes, I don't fully understand the show's format, and I understand virtually none of the language. But finale time = fun time, the ads run on TV all the time, and I'm getting excited.

The final three are Maya, Jako, and Raphael. We'll ignore Raphael for the time being because I have no idea what he brings to the table that makes him deserving of the spot he's in. Maya is playing the Katharine McPhee role to a tee right now. She's a good, but not great singer who happens to be very pretty and has a great body (Katharine is a better singer when she's at the top of her game, but she was prone to the same bouts of inconsistency that Maya has been experiencing). Naturally, these are the sorts of qualities that make you stick out early in the season. Then comes the tendency to start coasting on that early momentum. Once the season reaches the midway point, the pretenders are essentially gone and you need to pull off some blowaway performances to stay ahead of the pack. Instead, we are treated to middling -> good (bordering on very good) outputs, at which point you can see the uncertainty in their eyes -- they know they need to work some magic (and fast) but aren't sure how to do it, and aren't even sure that they're capable of doing it. Katharine's apex in this respect happened during the final four of AI Season Five, with the not-so-shocking shocking elimination of the profoundly overrated Chris Daughtry. Maya's point of no return happened last week, when Zahbit (who shouldn't have stood a chance against Maya) was sent home, even though Maya had that dead, completely resigned look in her eyes and had a scarily striking resemblance to Ally Sheedy's character in "The Breakfast Club".

Jako has a look not unlike AI Season Four runner-up Bo Bice -- he looks like a rocker but is really a big softie and that's why all the girls love him. He also carries himself with a macho swagger and can be a very gritty performer when the song calls for it. In this respect, picture Chris Daughtry minus his air of entitlement and all of his arrogant shithead qualities. He's on a major roll right now and seems to be the clear favourite from my perspective, but we'll find out this Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Katharine McPhee or should I say "McOffkey" is way overrated! Her CD is terrible. She sounds like she is out of breath when she sings and when she tries to sing high, she sounds like she's singing through her nose. Ick!